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The household is based on a mailing list where fighters can discuss and share ideas and experiences. It is a comfortable and fun community of supportive Amtgardians seeking to excel. Members participate in the list through email. To join the mailing list, or for more information, email Moogie at with a request, or join the House Lionesse group through Yahoo! groups.

Posting Guidelines

1. This list was formed to discuss topics of interest to female fighters in Amtgard. It is open to women and men who are interested in and support women's fighting. All posts should be related to women's fighting.

2. Flames or personal attacks will not be tolerated. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and different experiences will yield a variety of viewpoints. All discussions should remain polite.

3. Positive discussion is encouraged. Instead of getting caught up in a problem, let's try to find active solutions to that problem.

4. Limit quotes of previous posts to portions that are relevant to your reply.

5. Reply privately to the sender of a message if your reply is of a personal nature, is off-topic, or is not something relevant to entire mailing list.

6. Please refrain from posting personal information, such as a phone number or address to the mailing list. Send personal information directly to the person you wish to receive it. Because this is an open subscription mailing list, posting such information publicly makes it available to anyone who is subscribed to the list, and runs the risk of it being abused.

7. Please show courtesy to others:

Do not post private email without the permission of the other person involved.

If you need to talk about a problem you are having with an individual who is not a member of the list, please don't mention them by name. They don't have an opportunity to present their side. What you should do is talk about the problem instead, for example: "This one person in my group never calls any of the shots that hit him." That way we can talk about the problem rather than the person.

8. Please do not post spam or chain letters to the list. This includes most forwarded items that would be described as "cute" or "touching". Most likely most of the list members have already received them. If you have something of this type that you think would be of interest, or any item where you are not sure of it's appropriateness to the list, please check with the list moderator at before sending to the list.

9. This list is run through Yahoo! groups, at  Archives of previous posts can be accessed by members of Yahoo! groups.

10. The official webpage for House Lionesse is at All questions regarding the Household and the mailing list should be directed to

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