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Frequently Asked Questions - House Morrigan

Read the Official Amtgard FAQ first.

1. So Amtgard is co-ed?
Yes, Amtgard is open to both men and women. Both are welcome to participate in all activities, including cultural activities, battlegames, and combat.

2. What is House Morrigan?
House Morrigan is a household of fighting women originally based in the Kingdom of Emerald Hills, but now with members in several Amtgard kingdoms in the state of Texas. Its founding objectives were to intensify the presence of women on the battlefield,  to encourage the participation of women in Amtgard, to provide a network of support for women fighters and to discourage the stereotyping of women in Amtgard.

3. What does House Morrigan do?
We try to develop our own fighting skills, and provide encouragement for new women fighters.We do this by giving new women fighters personal attention and instruction, holding all-female women's fighter practices, supporting women's tourneys and providing examples as women on the field. We also stick together and support each other, and share information and research of interest to women fighters.

4. What is the heraldry?
The symbol of House Morrigan is a black raven holding a spear on a field of maroon. It can generally be seen as a belt favor worn by House Morrigan members.The raven was chosen as a symbol of the household's patroness, The Morrigan, an Irish battle-goddess.

5. How do i join?
New members of House Morrigan are generally discussed and voted on by all members of the household. They are usually brought up for discussion by an existing member.

6. What about sister households?
If you wish to form a group for women fighters locally, read How To Encourage Women Fighters. Or check out House Lionesse, another Amtgard household for women fighters. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Moogie by email at

7. Why is House Morrigan a fighting household and not a company?
According to the Amtgard rulebook, a household is a group of people who come together for a common purpose. As a household, we're not restricted by company politics, and we can draw members from all of Amtgard, without any conflicts over company affiliations. Morrigan as a group exists to support women's fighting throughout the Amtgard world. With members in various kingdoms and companies, we're able to do that. Yes, our focus is on fighting, but not on being a competitive fighting force, like a company. Our focus is on training, educating and fighting on an individual level, and providing support as we do.

8. What other resources are available for women fighters in Amtgard?
There is a mailing list for women fighters called House Lionesse. It provides a forum for women fighters to talk, discuss, and share experience and information through an email mailing list. It is operated through egroups, or you can email Moogie at with a request to join or for more information.

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