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How to Encourage Women Fighters by Moogie

Be an example!
If you are a woman fighter, fight. Visible women on the field are the most important factor in encouraging new fighters.

Offer to help.
Offer to show her some moves, to share equipment and garb. Let her borrow your shield or madu, and show her how to use it.

Create a Community.
This can be anything: a formal Household like Morrigan, a loose group of people who support female fighters. (And anything in between!) Anything that fosters acceptance and allows women fighters to get together to share experience and information.

Ideas for Events for Women Fighters:

Warm-up sessions: When you arrive at the park, get together to stretch and do warm-up fighting exercises before joining the trenches or battlegames.

Team up: Every now and then, pair up to support each other in a battle game or trench. Team fighting is fun and good practice. This is also a good way to make beginners feel more at ease. It's important not to do this too much, as you can become dependent on having a partner.

Fighter Practice or Drill Practice: Hold a women's fighter practice for practice, teaching or drills. Find an experienced fighter that everyone feels comfortable with to give instruction.

Meetings: Get together as a group to talk, fight, and share resources or solve problems.

Tourneys: A newbie tourney or a women's tourney once in awhile can be a good chance to fight other women and get practice in a tourney setting. The exclusivity of these tourneys is a very loaded topic, though, so you should decide carefully what your objectives are. An overcompetitive tourney to be "Queen of the hill" can be just as damaging as a friendly tourney for fun can be useful. Competition for awards should not be part of a women's tourney, because of it's closed nature. For more discussion of women's tourneys, see the article Women's Tourneys by Moogie.


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