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An Amtgard Household of Fighting Women

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House Morrigan is a household of fighting women formed to meet the following objectives:

House Morrigan started when we realized there were a lot more men on the battlefield than there were women, and a lot of women standing on the sidelines. Instead of complaining about it, we decided to do something about it. While we understand not all women in Amtgard want to fight, one of our goals is to make it easier for those who do. We do this by giving new women fighters personal attention and instruction, holding all-female women's fighter practices, supporting women's tourneys and providing examples as women on the field. We also stick together and support each other, and share information and research of interest to women fighters.

This Web Page is a service of House Morrigan. It is here to provide information about the household, and more importantly, to provide access to information, resources and articles of interest to all women fighters and those who encourage them. It is our goal to compile a collection of resources and links that will prove helpful to the women fighters of Amtgard.

For more information on House Morrigan, or if you have news, articles, or comments for this site, send me mail at

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