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House Morrigan - Members


Current Members of House Morrigan:

Moogie Moogie Justicar, Lady of House Morrigan, Lady of House Lionesse, resident of the Emerald Hills 
Sir Squeak Sir Squeak the Mighty Knight of the Crown, Knight of the Flame, Sable Pride, resident of Neverwinter 
Ominique Ominique Sable Pride, resident of Eagleshire in the Emerald Hills 
Sir Boots Sir Boots Knight of the Sword, resident of the Golden Plains 
Cuisinart Cuisinart Corsair, resident of the Wetlands  
Wickett Wickett resident of the Emerald Hills
Eclipse Eclipse Sable Pride, resident of the Emerald Hills 
Thistle Thistle Resident of the Wetlands 
Dame Kayrana Dame Kayrana Knight of the Serpent, Justicar, resident of the Emerald Hills
Avice Avice Inactive
Wings Wings Green Dragon, Inactive
Parrot Parrot Inactive 
Terakian Alexis the Terrakian Bitch
Carla Carla Carla
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