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Queen of the Hill

Dame Kayrana of House Morrigan ran the Queen of the Hill tourney at Clan XVIII.
Group picture from Queen of the Hill

Moogie's note:  I have done my best to identify everyone in these pictures, but I have had to rely on my somewhat faulty memory and in some cases, have never met the people pictured. Please help me out: if I've identified someone incorrectly, misspelled a name, or if you can identify someone listed as "unknown" please send me email at

pictures below by Vykadin
Kayrana and Bertrand (reeve) Cristella and Cynthia Cristella and Cynthia Dakota and Cynthia Kit and Cristella
Kit and Emerald Kit and Magdalena Kit and Rhiannon Moogie and Avice with Forest (reeve) Moogie and Kit with Forest (reeve)
Moogie and Hawk Moogie and Hawk Moogie and Cynthia Mouse and Cynthia Mouse and Cynthia
Nightingale and Utopia Squeak and Avice Squeak and Helena Squeak between fights Squeak and Tara Wolf
Squeak and Verona Mistress Wynd and Magdalena Mistress Wynd and Kyrie Utopia and Cynthia Utopia and Cynthia
Verona and unknown Cynthia and unknown Women gather at the Queen of the Hill tourney Gathering at the tourney Another group picture


Queen of the Hill tourney results...


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