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Queen of the Hill

Dame Kayrana Lissa of House Morrigan ran a Queen of the Hill tourney at Clan XVIII. Thanks to Bertrand and Forest for reeving. The results were:
Winner: Kit
2nd place: Sir Squeak!
3rd place: Cynthia
Placings by longest streak:

Kit 16
Squeak 8
Cynthia 6
Ailanthis 5
Moogie 4
Mouse 4
Helena 4
Dagney 3
Verona 3
Hawk 3
Mistress Wynde 3
Utopia 2
Kaya 2
Magdalena 2
Divinity 2
Avice 2
Tara 1

Placings by points:

Squeak 28
Kit 23
Cynthia 19
Ailanthis 13
Moogie 8
Mouse 7
Dagney 7
Utopia 7
Verona 6
Kaya 6
Hawk 5
Magdalena 5
Helena 4
Mistress Wynde 4
Divinity 3
Avice 2
Tara 1

Just as a reminder: as this was a closed tournament, with entry limited only to women, no orders of the Warrior can be awarded for performance in this tourney. The purpose of the tourney was to meet other women fighters, gain tourney experience, and most importantly to have fun! I did, and I hope everyone else did too!

Pictures from the Queen of the Hill tourney...


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