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On Raven's Wings

by Ominique

Above the ancient earthen floor,
Among the cloud enshrouded sky,
On raven's wings, I fly.

Through fog of time and temperament,
Amidst the old forgotten lore,
On raven's wings, I soar.

And to the noisesome battlefield
Where death makes song with clanging note,
On raven's wings, I float.

Then swoop I down to meet my foes,
Turn, swoop once more from cloudy height,
On raven's wings, I fight.

And when the battlefield is still
But for the whispered wind's exhale,
Across the sight of broken land,
On raven's wings, I stand.

On raven's wings, I climb.

A destiny of my design,
On raven's wings, I shine.


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