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Dame vs. Sir: Titles of Knighthood by Squire Cuisinart

It is extremely difficult to get a knight's belt. It takes a lot of skill, time, devotion, honor and integrity. It is the ultimate Amtgardian achievement. Anybody who wears a white belt merits respect and deserves recognition for their accomplishments, so in addition to a white belt, an oppurtuntunity to play a paladin or anti-paladin, a right to punch every new knight, a right to choose a squire to be your slave, you also receive a title -- Sir for males, and Dame for females.

It is your right, and deservedly so, to choose your title. Most knights choose Sir: Sir Corbin, Sir Thorin, Sir Cabal, Sir Kindrik, etc. However, most of the people knighted are men. Very few females have, or probably ever will attain knighthood. This is not a good thing, but we in House Morrigan are working on it; I don't think there is a fighter among us who does not at least dream of becoming a knight of the sword.

In the event that any of our dreams come true and the kingdom sword is lain upon our shoulder, I hope every one of we women will choose Dame as our title. Some women choose not to, for example Sir Esuom, and Sir Aislinn, and that is their choice, and that's what we call them. However, to me choosing Sir demeans Dame. It says that a male knight is better than a female knight, and I just don't think that's something Dame Selka would agree with. Now of course we associate Sir with Sir Tunear, Sir Nevron, and Sir Morluck, and who in Amtgard doesn't want to be like them, but it is even harder for a woman to become a knight, and I think she should be proud to have a title of her own that says "I am a woman and I am a knight." I hope you ladies in House Morrigan would be proud of both these things and would show it by using Dame as your title.


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