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The History of House Morrigan by Moogie

In the first reign of King Wolverine and his regent Squeak!, in the Kingdom of the Emerald Hills, the
House Morrigan was formed. It was begun in order to encourage and support the women of
Amtgard, and to intensify the presence of women on the battlefield.

Moogie, Squeak!, Akasha and Ominique were the founding members, and joined together to form a new and different household. The name and symbols of the house were chosen in honor of the
Morrigan, a war goddess of Irish legend. Her name and aspects were used in order to inspire
women to be more active and terrifying in battle. As a goddess of war, she is a symbol of the fact
that women can be strong, brave and talented fighters, and have a precedent in history and legend of doing so. The household aspired to become a house of active and fighting females who were willing
to train together and support each other as fighters, and to help and encourage other women to do

House Morrigan has endeavored to support women fighters in a variety of ways. Its members strive
always to be a visible presence on the field, leaving no doubt that women can and do compete in
Amtgard fighting. They have held fighter practices, sponsored women's tourneys, and researched
and made available information about the history of women warriors.


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