Title - Needlework and Embroidery


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Item: Knighthood gift for Dame Wickett Evergreen

Desc: Three colors of cotton floss and gold

Origin: Letters from Celtic Cross Stitch - Free Cross Stitch Chart Generator,
Snake charted by Moogie, adapted from knotwork patterns from Celtic Charted Designs by Co Spinhoven,
Emerald Hills heraldry charted by Moogie from images at http://www.amtgard-eh.com/

Item: Brick Stitch Embroidery

Desc: Four colors of cotton floss on linen

Origin: "Pattern A: A Tasseled Bag" from A STITCH OUT OF TIME: 14th and 15th Century German Counted Thread Embroidery.

Item: Metal Thread Embroidery

Desc: Kreinick Japan 7 metal thread on dupione silk, with a muslin backing


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