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On May 5, 2001, House Lionesse was awarded the Order of the Flame, by Lady Dame Aylia Greenfire, Queen of the Celestial Kingdom.

Order of the Flame


It states:
To all honored in the presence of these words, Let it be known that House Lionesse has enriched Our Realm through their outstanding contributions of service. Therefore, We the Celestial Kingdom are nobly desirous to award them with the Order of the Flame.
So done this 5th day of May 2001
By My Hand,
Lady Dame Aylia Greenfire
Regina Caelestis Regnum

On the back is a handwritten note from her majesty:
Without your support during my reign the Celestial Kingdom and myself would have truly been at a loss. Thank you for each of the work your company put forth to the Celestial Kingdom individually.
Lady Dame Aylia Greenfire

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