Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is House Lionesse?
House Lionesse is a universal Amtgard household, based around an internet mailing list, for the support and encouragement of women fighters. It exists for the exchange of information, experience and resources helpful to women in Amtgard combat. Our goal is to use the resources of the internet and gatherings at interkingdom events to share with Amtgardians who may not have much contact with other women fighters.
(For information about Amtgard, see the Official Amtgard website.)

2. What is the mailing list?
The household is based on a mailing list where fighters can discuss and share ideas and experiences. It is a comfortable and fun community of supportive Amtgardians seeking to excel. Members participate in the list through email. To join the mailing list, or for more information, email Moogie at with a request, or join the House Lionesse group through Yahoo! groups.

3. How do I become a member?
Joining the mailing list makes you a member of the household. If you would like to be listed on the Members page, fill out the New Members' Questionnaire. Being a member of the mailing list or filling out the questionnaire entitle you to wear or display the House Lionesse symbol, a white lionesse on a burgundy shield.

4. Is membership open only to women?
No, House Lionesse membership is open to both women and men who have an interest in and wish to support women's fighting in Amtgard.

5. Can I join House Lionesse if I don't play Amtgard?
Yes. Although the main thrust of House Lionesse is involving women in Amtgard combat, anyone may join who feels they will get some benefit from it. We have several members who are involved in other Live Action Roleplaying systems, such as the High Fantasy Society and Darkon. If you find House Lionesse useful, you are welcome to join us.

6. How can I find other House Lionesse members in my area?
House Lionesse members who have volunteered to be contacts for their area are listed on the Contacts page. They should be glad to answer questions and offer assistance on a local level.

7. How can I participate in House Lionesse?
There are many ways of participating in the household. Joining the mailing list is a way to share questions and experiences with other household members. Contributing articles to the Resources section, taking pictures of Lionesse members in action, and sharing the household with others who may be interested are all good ways to be an active part. Other suggestions are at How to Contribute to House Lionesse. It's your household, and you are encouraged to find your own ways to share! If you have an idea or a suggestion to improve the household, please email moogie.

8. What other resources are available for fighting women?
Resources for fighting women are available on the House Lionesse Resources page. Many other resources are listed on the Links page.

9. Can I make a belt favor or a banner with the House Lionesse symbol?
Yes!!! You can use the House Lionesse symbol on a belt favor, a banner, a tabard or shield cover, any way you want to show off your membership in the household. If you want to see pictures of our symbol in use, check out pictures of House Lionesse Sightings. Send in your own pictures, too!

10. Can I put a link to House Lionesse on my website?
Yes!!! Please link to this site often, so we can reach every Amtgardian that might be interested in women's fighting. We now have a great banner ad, too, created by Sponge!

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