House Lionesse
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House Lionesse Sightings from around the Amtworld!

Winter Wars ('01)
The House Lionesse banner at the Winter War
(Duchy of the Rising Winds and the Barony of the Far Woods)
Tree shows off a belt favor
Tree shows off
a belt favor
made by Squeak!
Serpentara's tabard
Squeak's shield
Sir Squeak's
Lynae's belt favor
Niki's tunic
Moogie and her plaque (Thanks!)
Moogie recieved this plaque
at Clan (Thanks!)
the sidelines
The banner,
at the Women's Tourney, GE3
In Line
Esuom's tabard, QOH, Spring War
in Neverwinter
Natalie, Moogie and Wickett
at Neverwinter
Tey's Belt Favor
Tey's Belt Favor
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