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Information for member profiles

  To have your member profile listed on the House Lionesse webpage, please send an email to Moogie at providing the information below. You may also attach pictures or anything else you want included in your profile. If you want an AIM name or Yahoo ID listed, send that as well. 

1. Name (MKA)

2. Name (Amtgard)

3. Email address

4. Do you want your email address to appear on the webpage?

5. Kingdom

6. Primary group (Shire of…, Duchy of… etc.)

7. Primary group's mundane location (ex. Austin, Texas)

8.Year started Amtgard

9. Major classes

10. Other affiliations (Company, House)

11. Honors (Titles)

The following questions are for my use only and will not appear on the webpage:

12. What would you like from your involvement in Lionesse?

13. What suggestions or criticisms do you have?


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