The House Lionesse Symbol

The symbol for House Lionesse is a white lioness on a burgundy shield, as shown above.

The lioness is a powerful and fierce huntress, and the lionesses of a pride hunt together as a cooperative unit to provide food for the pride. She is a symbol of how strong we can be when we work together to achieve our goals.

In "The Fall of Troy" by Quintus Smyrnus, the Amazon Penthesilea is described as a lioness, an inspiring symbol of a mighty woman warrior:

"That day the beating of full many a heart,
Trojan and Argive, was for ever stilled,
While roared the battle round them, while the fury
Of Penthesileia fainted not nor failed;
But as amid long ridges of lone hills
A lioness, stealing down a deep ravine,
Springs on the kine with lightning leap, athirst
For blood wherein her fierce heart revelleth;
So on the Danaans leapt that warrior-maid."

You can use the House Lionesse symbol on a belt favor, a banner, a tabard or shield cover, any way you want to show off your membership in the household. If you want to see pictures of our symbol in use, check out pictures of House Lionesse Sightings. Send in your own pictures, too!

Belt Favors

Moogie has designed a cross-stitch pattern for a belt favor, which can be downloaded at her Embroidery and Needlework site.

Cinderella Mc Innes has designed a cross-stitch pattern for a belt favor, which can be downloaded. It is available as either a PCStitch pattern, or a bitmapped file.
Cross-stitch pattern, for PC Stitch (This pattern can be opened with the free PCStitch pattern viewer)
Instructions for PCStitch pattern
Cross-stitch pattern, .bmp file
Instructions for .bmp file

Sir Esuom made this graphic of the Lionesse symbol in several sizes. It's from the bitmap, so the edges are rough, but it should be suitable for tracing.
Sized symbol for patterns

Here is an outline of the lioness that can be used for tracing. It is modified from a scan of a belt favor made by Sir Squeak! the Mighty.
Outline of lioness

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