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Being a Contact


Thanks for your interest in becoming a House Lionesse contact for your area. The contact's duties are simple, flexible, and kind of fun.

To be a contact, you need to be willing to have contact information listed on the webpage on the two contact pages, Contacts by Kingdom, and Contacts by State. This should be an email address, and, if you like, a phone number.

Amtgardians in your area who are interested in House Lionesse and women's fighting may contact you. Your duties are to introduce them to House Lionesse and the mailing list. You should also be willing to provide any assistance and encouragement you can regarding women's fighting -- this, of course, at a level you feel comfortable with. Most Amtgardians who contact you will likely be looking for other women fighters to offer encouragement, experience and training.

There is no minimum skill level associated with contacts. You are not required to teach or do anything you feel to be beyond your level of competence or comfort. Anyone can be a contact at any skill level, what is required is a desire to meet and assist other women fighters. Often that assistance will be understanding, encouragement, and directing someone to the resources they need. To do this you will have the list, and therefore the whole of House Lionesse to help you.

An example: You are the contact for your area and someone contacts you. She wants to learn to fight polearm, but you do not fight polearm. You introduce her to an excellent polearm fighter in your area, from whom she can learn. She needs some information about armor, so you point out a local Serpent knight, who has excellent armor, and also share with her the armor links from the Lionesse page. You talk awhile about how hard it is to find good gloves in women's sizes. You've had a succesful contact experience, by taking advantage of the resources you have locally and through the list.

Of course any skills and time you wish to add to the job are very welcome. A willingness to share fighting knowledge, teach weapon-making, offer continued support, or anything else will add to the experience. But the role of contact is flexible enough that anyone at any skill level can be a good contact.

If you wish to be a contact for your area, please send an email to moogie and include:

Your Amtgard name
Your mundane name
Local group
Mundane location
Any other info you wish to appear with your contact information

Please let me know about your experiences as a contact, good and bad. This will be helpful as we continue maintaining the contact program.

If at any time you feel you are no longer capable or willing to be a contact, send email to moogie at, and your name and information will be removed from the contact list.

This page last updated 03/27/02

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