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Crimson Moon Women's Tourney
(June 24, 2001)

by Tempest Fyre

I just wanted to bring the people that couldn't come to Crimson Moon's first ever women's tourney up to date on what happened at the was an awesome event..we had a really good turnout...everybody had fun, and I had a blast...isn't that what it's all about..??? goes...

Sir Boots received the 1st place trophy with 34 points

Queen HRM Esuom received the 2nd place trophy with 24 points

Princess Fatima Anwar received the 3rd place trophy with 17 points

Dame Fionghal received an honorable mention ring for having to fight a tie breaker with Fatima for 3rd place (which brought Fatima's points up one..of course)

The Wandering Gypsy got the Best in show award...cuz it was her first time EVER to fight, and she put all her heart and soul into..she actually placed 3rd in the sword and board event of the tourney...(and she's a newbie)

Just wanted everybody to know how the first ever women's tourney for Crimson Moon went.

Tempest Fyre Onishi, Esquire

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