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Suggestions for Articles for House Lionesse


I'd like to see some firsthand accounts of your experiences at Amtgard. A "My Firstů" article could be about your first battlegame, tourney, great victory, or first day at Amtgard. Any articles about what it was like starting out, or any issues you'd like to address. Training experiences or other experiences that would be of interest to women fighters would be great.

(You don't have to be an expert on anything to write an article like this, in fact, you can write about "My First Event" the day after you first event. What's wanted is your unique perspective on Amtgard and fighting.)

Any articles related to fighting are requested. How-to's for specific weapons, general guides to fighting styles, a description and illustrations of a shot or sequence of shots, articles about tactics, strategy, training, drills, or anything else that shares information useful to fighters.

"How To's" are also welcome; instructions for weapons and armor making are especially needed, plus anything that would be helpful for newbies.

Pictures can be included, especially with "How To's".

Interviews of fighters who have inspired you, as well as stories about inspiring fighters. (I have a list of possible interview questions, or you can come up with your own. See the Heritage page for examples.)

The articles will usually be eligible for entry as a factual writing entry in your local cultural tourney, check locally to make sure. The next time you need to qualify, write up something you can send to Lionesse!

Please send all submissions to Moogie at 


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