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Jugging...What a sport!

by Lady-at-arms Isabel

So you have arrived at a big open field with two small goals at either end. You say to yourself, "This is something different than what we have been doing in Amtgard lately." And all the while looking and trying to figure out what you are going to be playing, you get put on a team and given some weapons and told to stand in a certain spot. Before long the strike of the stones start and mass chaos starts as you see 10 people run around like maniacs, all in team effort to try and score a goal.

Well, then you have entered the strange and wonderful world of jugging, a sport fondly referred to as "Medieval football." To learn a little more about jugging and what it is, let's lay down the basics. First off you have two teams of five opposing each other on the field. These five people each play a position. There is the Quick, she is armed only with a dagger and is the only one that can touch the "Dog Skull," (That's just a plain old soccer ball…) She is the only one that can score points. The next person is the Shield, they can only carry a short sword and shield. The Slash carries two short swords and the Chain may carry two flails or a short sword and a flail. Last but not least there is the Heavy, this person is the goalie of the game and may only carry a single non-chain weapon over 4 feet in length. Favorite weapons of the heavy would be a great sword or a pole.

Now that you have met the players, let's go over some of the specifics of the game. Each bout of jugging is played for a 100 count, so this is a fast game. Only the Quick may touch the dog skull, if anybody else does, they die. Each player has five lives and a death is for a 15 count and limbs are a count of 7.

These are some of the jugging rules briefly gone over. But in my opinion, Jugging is a game of skill and speed that hones ones' fighting skills and mental skills. This is much the way I got into jugging, and boy do I have some stories to tell! I have always played the heavy… Even though I'm the only female that jugs in my shire, I do love that position! There is nothing better than be able to strike fear into the hearts of people with the big huge weapon that you get to use as a heavy. I use a 5 foot tall, red great sword, yes it is a tad heavy but gets the job done. There is something to say when you have a guy spear himself onto the tip of the sword. Or when most people are at the other end of the field and you as the heavy come charging down the middle and a spectator yells out, "Here comes the goalie!" When Jugging I do recommend wearing all of your protective gear as you would ditching or fighting in a Tourney.

Other than that, it is truly a game that everybody should at least try once, cause you never know, you might get hooked just like I did!

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