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Recommended Reading


The Armored Rose by Tobi Beck ISBN 0-9669399-0-5
The physiology and psychology of women fighting in the SCA. Although this is written from an SCA perspective, no Amtgard woman should be without a copy. This book discusses physical and psychological differences that affects women's fighting, and has a neat section in the back with a flipbook showing shots. 
(ordering information via the Ironrose website

Catch Them Being Good by Tony Dicicco and Colleen Hacker 
The authors were "head coach and sport psychology consultant to the 1996 Olympic Gold Medal and 1999 World Cup Champion U.S. Women's Soccer teams". This book is mostly about positive coaching techniques and building solid teams. It is applicable to Amtgard from both a general training perspective and as a good resource for building stronger companies. Though the focus of the book is the experiences of a women's soccer coach, the coaching philosophy is very applicable to both genders. Overall, it's a very easy, short read. 

Battle Cries and Lullabies by Linda Grant De Pauw 
A history of women's involvement with battle from pre-history to present day. This is an excellent survey of women in war, and offers many examples of historical women warriors and soldiers. 

Women Warriors by David E. Jones 
A survey of women in battle across many cultures and time periods, this book brings to light the variety of women's experiences as fighters. 

The Warrior Queens by Antonia Fraser 
The stories of queens who commanded armies and battled, this work features several warrior queens, including Boudica and Zenobia. Also offers insight on the way warring women were represented in history. 

The Encyclopedia of Amazons by Jessica Amanda Salmonsen 
An encyclopedia of women warriors throughout myth and history, this book offers short entries on hundreds of women. It is interesting as a reader, and as a list of women to research further. However, some of the short entries offer an interpretation of a woman's role in battle that may or may not be accepted by scholars, so read with a grain of salt or do follow-up research. 

The Art of War by Sun Tzu 
The fundamental guide to war by the ancient author Sun Tzu. This book provides many insights into fighting and will be of interest to anyone studying the philosophy of battle.
Available online at 

The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi 
The Way of the Warrior, or the samurai code and it's philosophy are detailed in this ancient resource. This book provides insights into fighting on a more personal level. If you have trouble with the psychological fight, this book may help.
Available online at 

See also Fighting Women in Period Literature.

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