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Pictures from the Women's Tourney, Great Eastern III

katrin vs bitterthyme katrin vs bitterthyme sir squeak! vs bitterthyme (chohag, dred on left)
sir squeaK! vs bitterthyme (sir liz, dred in front) katrin with pole! katrin vs page isabel
sidelines mouse dtrap vs brunhilde bitterthyme (mouse dtrap in back)
bitterthyme vs ? ? (? in back) sir squeak! vs ?
Paisley vs katrin moogie, sword and board sir squeak! vs bitterthyme
sidelines katrin vs moogie moogie vs katrin
moogie vs katrin squeak! waits katrin vs sir squeak!
the sidelines: chohag, katrin, ed and amc rhiannon, katrin, and chohag ?. sir liz, ? and ?
sir sanchez, bitterthyme and sir grendel katrin, tombo, and phred squeak! and moogie at the army women's museum (richmond, va) on the way home :)
Thanks to Phred for taking pictures

Moogie, Squeak and Moondancer
Thanks to Sir Liz for sending this picture!

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