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Pictures from the Women's Tourney, Spring War VIII

Cliona and Moogie Cliona and Moogie Eclipse and Scarlet
Wench, Kyrie, Auriana and BitterThyme Magdalena and Esuom Unknown and Wench
Oriana and Emerald Tey and Pol Serpentara and Oriana
Serpentara and Esuom Eclipse and Oriana Tey and Moogie
Oriana and Wench Lynae and Oriana Oriana and Esuom
Waiting In Line Mezzie and Morgana
Katarina and Tavana Mezzie Tavana and Kyrie Oriana and Auriana Lavendar
Pol Kyrie and Esuom Skly In Line In Line
The Line Tavana
  Results for the Queen of the Hill Women's Tourney, Spring War VIII.

Thanks to Sir Theo for taking pictures.  


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