House Lionesse
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  Name (Mundane)  Francisco E. Almonte, Jr.
  Name (Amtgard)  Lt. Squire Colonel Macleod Darkjester
  Email address
  Kingdom  Celestial Kingdom
  Primary group  Duchy of Traitor's Gate
  Primary group's
mundane location
San Antonio, Texas
  Years played  Started 1998
  Major classes  Monster (AKA Vampire Bunny), Healer, Warrior, Assassin, Archer
  Other Affiliations  Nomad Clan (Captain), House Darktroll (Scrog), House Darkjester, Brotherhood of lost legends, House Highlander, House Shuriken, House Barritus, Officer in CK Army (Lt.), House DarkHare, and of course Amazon Play Thing
  Honors  Squire to Sir Rook, Title of Sentinel, Title of Man of War, Only recipient of CK Medal of Honor

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