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Tawnee Darkfalcon

  Name (Mundane)  Michele Ellington
  Name (Amtgard)  Tawnee Darkfalcon (alias, the Crystal Wizard)
  Email address
  Kingdom  Burning Lands
  Primary group  Fighter Practice (pending a name)
  Primary group's
mundane location
El Paso, Texas
  Years played  Started Amtgard 1983
  Major classes  All of them. If I had to pick two, I'd say Paladin and Wizard.
  Other Affiliations  Company: Warriors of the Starquesting Dragon.
  Honors  Knight (Back when there was only one kind. When it was quartered in '85 or '86, my one belt became three.)
Knight of the Flame, Knight of the Serpent, Knight of the Crown,
Grand Duchess, Deus Imperator
(awarded by Iron Mountains, my favorite after knight), Empress/ex-Empress (silly title awarded when M'Deth won Emperor in an interkingdom "tournament", as Consort I became Empress, the tournament was never held again so the titles were never passed on to anyone...), Defender, Company Captain, Defender of the Royal Potato and Holy Shillelagh, Master of some classes and some honors but I don't recall which ones.

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