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My First Swing

by Thistle

Sure, I remember my first Amtgard experience... the year is foggy...1997ish I had just discovered Texas Renaissance Festival and realized I needed it. It was part of my imagination (at the time I was 20). I have always had what I call an immature side, never knowing that adults had called it fantasy. Anyway, I enjoyed the music, clothes, dancing and new friends. I lived in College Station. My next-door neighbors were Amtgarders (Sir Dreagon and Dame Jamethial). Anyway, if they weren't knights then they are knights now. They said “Have we got something for you to try!”

Well, I went to the fighter practice; It was evening on Wednesday night and it was electric. In my mind I had this sword and all I could think of how much fun it was.

Like that satisfying feeling of hitting your annoying brother with a discarded wrapping paper cardboard tube. Oh yes, very nostalgic for me, and instead of the hollow tube sound and tube bending in half I got to do it over and over again.

I was kind of lucky that I didn't suck too bad, but then again most newbies think they rock. The more experienced guy fighters sparred with me an awful lot and because of that I felt I got better. Candy Kane, Kilmany, and I just used to round robin all the time and that was probably the most fun I ever had sparring.

Any major event I ever went to I watched and looked for the slickest, sharpest, fighters… and try and get in front of there swing patterns. If I could block a shot cool. I would rather learn from someone really difficult than someone average. Because when I have fought difficult long enough I feel that I might be better than average. And of course it was an ego boost if you could beat the harder fighter.

I remember that sometimes that field would look very brutal and some of my guy friends would warn me not to go out, but I couldn't help it.. The aggression, the brutality, the challenge of the fight was there and I had to go.

I have to wait for a while now before I go out to fight again.. But I am going to improve my fitness and health. It will be better than before, and it won't take long for those skills to show up and I will be on the battlefield.


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